Equipment Finance

Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Plant & Operations

Our prompt finance approvals help to get the right tools and equipment to increase and grow your business performance.


Transport Finance

Vehicles, Trucks, Vans, Utes, Buses

Whether you are purchasing new or used we will finance to suit your needs.


Unsecured Business Lending

Fit-Outs, Business Term Loans, Working Capital Facility, Business Overdraft, Invoice Financing, Import Line of Credit

We finance a diverse range of plant, machinery and operational equipment.


Instant Asset Write-off

We persue the best lending deals with great service!

Will Finance Process

We save you time. We do the work to get you the right cost efficient finance for your needs.







What We Do & Why Us

Will Finance is a business finance brokerage firm. We save clients time and money by sourcing the best finance for their diverse needs. We do the hard yakka from application through to settlement. Whether it’s equipment, vehicle or unsecured lending we have the best rates and service.

With banks closing their doors in preference to automation, customer service is vanishing.  But at Will Finance we pride ourselves with giving exceptional customer service. Our service is available 24/7 365 days, with consultants keeping customers informed every step of the way! There are no long waits on automated phones.  We give prompt efficient service.   Our customers get to talk and deal with the same real person or team.

With over 20 lenders on our panel, we are not tied to the one bank or lender.  Our lenders include the 4 major banks as well as reputable competitive non-bank lenders. Our team is passionate about contributing towards the growth of our economy. We do this by delivering the most effective finance for Australian business.

How We Do It

We provide exceptional business lending options and service throughout all the lending stages.   Initial debt servicing analysis is performed to ensure our clients can repay the proposed debt.  This is done with minimal finance enquiries on their credit report. After lodgement and application approval we execute documentation and arrange settlement.

Our panel of lenders includes the 4 major banks and reputable competitive non-bank lenders.  Most businesses have traditionally dealt with the major banks.  In recent times there has been a welcomed increased number of competitive non-bank lenders. Will Finance brokers are not restricted with interest rates and products from just one bank.  Our wholesale rates and low overheads allows us to seek the best finance for businesses with minimal fees and charges.