Agricultural Equipment Loans

Today’s cost-effective agricultural equipment loans are helping farmers acquire machinery that saves time and increases profits. Every farmer is looking to improve efficiency. Every dollar counts in business.  In order to survive and make a profit, productivity needs to increase, and costs reduced.  To do this properly, you need up to date technology, cost effective finance and equipment that can help processes run faster, smoother and more consistently. With agricultural equipment loans, documentation is minimal, interest rates are low, and no cash outlay is required. There are also many tax incentives associated, including the instant asset write-off.

COVID-19 sees support for Local Industries

Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in a welcomed sustainable growth and support for Australian farmers and local Aussie industries. As a result, there has been an increase with competition as more people join the workforce in these areas. Modern technology & equipment is essential to be competitive with better performance and profits.  However, most businesses find acquiring equipment costly and affects their cashflow. Will Haylock from Will Finance says that “Accomplished farmers have found agricultural equipment loans with low interest rates, tax incentives, and flexible terms & conditions a smart solution.  It enables them to acquire the necessary machinery needed without affecting cashflow”.

Agricultural Equipment Loans for New or Used

Apart from the attractive tax offsets, new equipment is more productive, efficient and cost-effective. Old machines not only cost more to run but have substantially more downtime with higher fuel costs. Finance for used equipment is also more costly with higher interest rates and more restricted terms & conditions. New eco machinery has improved fuel efficiency and performance.  They also come with warranties to protect against any unexpected major costly problems that often occur with used machinery. 

Technology Gains for Farming Equipment

New equipment is constantly evolving with the latest technology. Digitalization, connectivity, and automation are driving agriculture forward. Autonomous technology for farming promises safer working conditions.  In addition, there is improved cost containment with fuel consumption and operations.The IT processes with the latest machinery is streamlining jobs and substantially increasing capabilities. Fewer mistakes are made with new intelligent machines. Many farmers are crediting the success of their expansion to the startling innovations of modern technology and new equipment.

Ergonomic Equipment Reaps Better Returns

New machines are of high quality, that are ergonomically designed to provide all day comfort for machine operators. Equipment needs excellent visibility, comfortable seating, ideally placed controls and plenty of cabin room.  These features all add to better productivity throughout the day. Acquiring new machinery through agricultural equipment loans allows you to get the equipment you need to increase profitability.

Will Finance understands Agricultural Equipment Loans

The ease of agricultural equipment loans will have you questioning why you hadn’t invested in modern machinery sooner. Will Finance supports Australian farmers with agricultural equipment loans. They understand the challenges of cash flow for seasonal industries. Loan repayments are arranged to secure your cash flow. Adjustable loan repayments will assist seasonal income. Will Finance is not tied to the one bank or lender.  With a panel of over 20 lenders, they can source flexible deals with low interest rates to suit your unique lending requirements.  They work flexible hours to assist farmers with agricultural equipment loans.

Great Rates & even Better Service!

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