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Finance & Business Lending
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Finance & Business Lending
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Will Finance

Equipment Loans

There are many lending products available on the market. While equipment financing may seem confusing, we’re qualified equipment finance brokers and here to simplify the process and make the right selections for your business. It’s our mission to find the most cost-effective and efficient lending for your equipment purchase.

You can finance just about anything with a serial number that the lender can take security over.  Equipment you can finance ranges from earth moving equipment, agriculture equipment, construction equipment to mining equipment.

Equipment loans have far more flexibility in comparison to consumer lending products. The loans can be structured to suit your business cash flow cycles, and  with final balloon payments at the end of the loan.  This flexibility is helpful for some industries like agriculture.

Farmers often only receive income twice a year in line with the sale of livestock or crops.  We can align loan repayments to match your cash flow requirements.  Equipment finance allows our clients to have the latest equipment and technology so their business can perform at the highest level.

At Will Finance, we offer a range of lending products as part of our equipment finance service. These include:
Chattel Mortgage

Funds are offered to purchase equipment, and the lender accepts this equipment as the security for the credit provided.

Hire Purchase

Lender purchases the asset for your business needs then progressive payments are made on a regular basis until purchase has been paid.


Equipment is rented for a specified period. Long-term rentals may also be available. Ownership of the asset can be an option at end of lease.

Novated Leases

An agreement with your employer, whereby equipment can be salary sacrificed pre-tax.

Civil Construction
Concrete Pump
Drilling and Boring
Road and Quarry


Will Finance

Vehicle Loans

Whether you require a car for personal use or business use, or a combination of both, we’ve got you covered.  Here at Will Finance, we understand that obtaining transport finance can be long and tedious, which is why we do all the menial work for you.

We guarantee that we consult with dealers and liaise with accountants so you can continue focusing on your business operations. You can also rest assured that we offer a prompt service and can provide approvals within as little as 24 hours.

The types of vehicles you can finance with us include:
Luxury Vehicles


Will Finance

Business Loans

Many businesses throughout Australia’s cities & regional areas consider business lending so they can continue growing, expand operations, and fund things such as advertising, marketing, and staff.

Business lending doesn’t necessarily require you to use personal assets such as your vehicles or property as security, which is why business lending is a great option for many businesses. 

Will Finance understands that your time is valuable, which is why our business lending application is simple. You can access it online, with only minimal documentation required by you.

We also know that no two businesses are the same, so we cater to this by offering a range of business lending products. These include:
Fit-Out Loans

Fit-out loans can help finance your business’ signage, furniture, electrical work, and other refurbishment requirements.

Business Term Loans

If your business needs to finance projects for extended periods, these might be your best bet.

Working Capital Facility Loans

Short-term loans that allow your business to continue its day-to-day operations.

Business Overdraft Loans

Business overdraft loans allow the cash flow to continue while you’re waiting to be paid.

Invoice Financing Loans

A type of loan that’s secured against your business’ outstanding invoices.

Import Line of Credit

Finance is available in stages as required throughout your importation process.

Business Finance Throughout Australia

Looking for equipment finance, transport finance, and business lending across urban & regional Australia including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern Rivers area?

Contact our friendly staff to enquire about our business finance options and how we can help your business.

For urgent enquiries phone: 07 3106 3921

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