Get your Business Car at the governments expense – Unlimited Instant Asset Write-off

Business car at the governments expense

Get your new business car at the government’s expense through the new unlimited instant asset write-off with no cash outlay. Australian business can now write off the full cost of any business car purchase. This is an incredible opportunity to upgrade and update business vehicles. The unlimited instant asset write-off along with historic low interest rates and flexible payment terms is a rare opportunity for business not to miss.

Equipment finance and vehicle lending is a cost effective and suitable way to over come cashflow issues. Many businesses are surprised at how fast and simple vehicle finance can be through an equipment finance broker.

The following is an example of Will Finance lending criteria for business vehicles.

  • Business operating for 1 year or more
  • Latest Business Activity Statement
  • Homeowner

If your business meets these criteria, you may be eligible for fast, affordable funding for a new car or to increase your existing fleet.   Get the ball rolling on your next vehicle purchase by completing the form below.($450 establishment fee waived to the first 50 enquiries terms & ):

Business car at the governments expense

The government’s additions to the asset write-off scheme is welcoming news to business owners. Equipment finance is fast affordable funding which requires no upfront deposit.   Most businesses need reliable vehicles.  This government incentive is a lifetime opportunity to ensure your company has new reliable vehicles. This will allow the cost of new business vehicles to be claimed immediately as a tax deduction.  

Don’t have the spare cash to take advantage!

This immediate asset write-off is designed to assist COVID-19 recovery by increasing cash flow, supporting business and create more jobs.

The enormous types of business cars loans available and complexity of business vehicle finance is often overwhelming and confusing.  The expertise of an equipment finance broker who specialises in business vehicle loans will explain and clarify these complexities.  Equipment finance brokers save you time and money.  They identify the right loan and manage associated complex documentation. 

Our team does the hard Yakka at no direct cost to get your next business car at the governments expense

With the government incentives and complex finance options, good customer service is needed to source the right deal and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.  Many lending institutions and banks are closing their branches and becoming more and more automated.  Brokers give full customer service and support.  Borrowers deal with the one team and usually one person.

Business car at the governments expense

Will Haylock, Director Will Finance, says their service is specialising in the lending process to take advantage of the Government’s instant asset write-off scheme whilst the opportunity is available. As equipment finance brokers, Will Finance arranges lending between an applicant and a lender.  Will says, “We do the hard yakka for businesses, to seamlessly guide them to the next level with new reliable vehicles.  The new business car asset write-off scheme is a golden opportunity for business owners to update or upscale their fleet”.  Will also adds that the new tax deductions for vehicles will work hand in hand with the existing ‘instant asset write-off’ scheme.

Updates to Business car instant asset write-off

The two schemes are operating side by side.  The new business car asset write-off scheme has no limit on the value of the vehicle with the immediate deduction extended to 30 June 2022. The new additions allow full deductions for any improvements to the vehicle like roof racks & tow bars.  These schemes are accelerated deductions for businesses to claim depreciation immediately rather than over several years.   The aim is to assist businesses with cash flow to enable purchasing more assets for recovery.  This will give growth and create more jobs. Get in touch with us today to discuss how you can get your next business car at the government’s expense.

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