Top Earthmoving Equipment Manufacturers

Having the most efficient earthmoving equipment is more important than ever before.  With the current economic downturn, it is more important than ever to have the most effective and efficient equipment in your fleet to complete projects and win those contracts.  Infrastructure and mining are the few businesses to sustain growth through this COVID-19 epidemic. Hence there has been an increase with competition as more people join the workforce in these industries.  Efficient reliable earthmoving equipment is essential.  Investing in quality machinery is one of the main keys to winning contracts and establishing good reputation.  The Australian construction machinery industry market was valued at AUD $8.341Billion in 2019. 

New or Used Earthmoving Equipment

New equipment is often more productive, efficient and cost-effective for operators. Old machines not only cost more to run but have substantially more downtime.  Old, out dated equipment can have high fuel costs.  New eco machinery has improved fuel efficiency and performance.   They also come with warranties to protect against any unexpected major costly problems that often occur with used machinery.  New equipment attracts higher depreciation resulting in higher tax offsets.

Technology Gains Earthmoving Equipment

The construction and mining industry are getting smarter. Digitalization, connectivity, and automation are driving the developments forward, leaving a substantial impact on construction projects. Autonomous technology for construction promises safer working conditions, as well as improved cost containment from optimized fuel consumption and operations.

The IT processes with the latest machinery is streamlining jobs and substantially increasing efficiency. Fewer mistakes are made with new intelligent machines. 

According to some of the world’s biggest equipment manufacturers the latest machines deliver up to 45% more efficiency than previous models.  Successful business owners are crediting the success of their expansion to the startling innovations of new equipment. 

Renowned manufacturer, Volvo has recently won one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions for their cutting edge of autonomous vehicle technology.  This new technology is bringing new equipment profiles.  Volvo’s award winner is a battery-electric no cabin load carrier.

Ergonomic Earthmoving Equipment equals better returns

High quality, ergonomically designed equipment can provide all day comfort for machine operators. Equipment needs to be designed with excellent visibility, comfortable seating, ideally placed controls and plenty of cabin room.  These features all add to better productivity throughout the day. Earthmoving equipment needs perfect stability and outstanding hydraulics to ensure safety and efficiency with lifting heavy loads. 

Every project manager is looking to improve efficiency across the site. Every dollar counts in the construction and mining business.  In order to survive and make a profit, productivity needs to increase and costs reduced.  To do this properly, you need to invest in making sure you have up to date technology that can help processes run faster, smoother and more consistently. The benefits that come from investing in new technology will have you questioning how your site ever functioned without modern equipment in the first place.  We have grouped in descending order what we think are the top 10 earthmoving machinery manufactures worldwide so that you can start to find who may be the best fit for your business in the future.

Top 10 Earthmoving Equipment Manufacturers in the World according to WillFInance.com.au

10. JCB

Starting in 10th position is UK company JCB.  The company is well renowned for its innovated Live Link Software.  The company was the first in history to incorporate software out of the earthmoving equipment manufacturers that allowed operators to manage the machinery remotely.  JCB would be best known for their excavator products and also provide quality wheel-based loaders, agricultural, skid steer and forklift equipment.  They employ around 12,000 people worldwide.


John Deere is a reputable American manufacturer of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery used throughout the heavy equipment and earthmoving industries.  The company is more than 200 years old.  The company has always focused on targeting the agricultural market.  Their product offerings range from backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, excavators and graders.


Sany is a Chinese based manufacture and was established in 1989.  Their product line is most popularly known for its mini excavators but also sells cranes, loaders, excavators and building equipment.  Their products are prevalent in the region of India and beginning to make its presence in the global market.  The company has made significant progress in more recent time in the US, Europe and Scandinavia.


Doosan is a Korean earthmoving equipment manufacturer and has built a strong reputation for providing the market with a durable product.  The company is creating sustainable products that have the ability to perform in the toughest of environments.  The more popular product in the manufacturing line is the high-performance mini diggers that features compact loaders and excavators as well as utility products and telehandlers.


XCMG are a fast-growing Chinese earthmoving equipment group that was established in 1943.  XCMG is the 4th largest construction machinery company in the world and ranked 65th in the top 300 companies in China.  In December 2018 XCMG mining machinery was established and by August 2019 had produced 1000 of their XDM80 mining trucks.   


Liebherr produces a range of telescopic handlers, cranes, excavators, wheeled loaders and dozers predominantly to the European market.  They have been looked at as the major competitor for Volvo in the industry and often the most popular European manufacturer.  The brand holds the competitive advantage for equipment in tough conditions.


Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) reputation is exceptional for its quality and safety of their heavy machinery. Volvo construction equipment has been around for over 180 years and was established in Eskilstuna, Sweden.  In 2019 Volvo announced that they would release a range of electric compact excavators and wheel loaders.  The company has a wide range of high-quality earth moving equipment ranging from excavators, haulers, loaders and compactors.


Hitachi holds over 5% of the heavy equipment market share.  The Japanese company has a diverse range of products and earth moving equipment just being one of many. The company has a reputation for creating products that are energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than its competitors.  The Hitachi Group was founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira, a Japanese electrical engineer determined to produce original products and technologies in Japan. Over the years, the Hitachi Group has grown to supply products and services that meet society’s demands across diverse industries.


A serious Japanese player in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry.  Komatsu brand is number 2 placed on our list.  The company is well renowned for its hi-tech innovation and the company is well rounded as a progressive manufacturer.   The company is not only successful in the heavy earth moving manufacturing industry, they also succeed in metal presses, machine tools, recycling, temperature control equipment and tunnelling machinery.


Our number one earth moving manufacturer is American powerhouse Caterpillar.  As of 2019 the company had an estimated whooping 16% market share.  The company offers a wide range of products in the earth moving equipment manufacturing industry.  The company is a fortune 100 corporation.

The government’s $150K instant asset write off scheme, attractive finance options and various tax benefits allow businesses to invest in the best machinery to win more jobs and increase profits.  There are many finance options available with no upfront cash needed.  Our top 10 list will help you get started on finding the right equipment for your next purchase.     

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